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Beginners Guide to Astrology for Mums


This course includes:

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Would you like to delve deeper into your own birth chart?
Or build on your connection to the stars and cosmos beyond?

In the Beginner’s Astrology course, you’ll start with the basic building blocks, the planets, which each play a specific role in your life. You’ll learn about their temperaments and energies through the lens of Traditional Astrology with a brief introduction to the zodiac signs.

This course covers:

History and philosophy of this ancient art
Basic anatomy of a birth chart
Astrological language, including axes, elements, modalities and sect
Information about the 7 traditional planets and the signs they rule

When you have completed this course, you will qualify for a complimentary Quantum Healing session for your Soul Connection Activation with Clare herself (who is a qualified Quantum Healer)!


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In 2016 she launched her well-being business, online programme and wrote her first book, “How to Have a Positive and Empowering Pregnancy”.  Subsequently, Clare started the Mind, Baby Soul movement, running her first public event, “Loving Mothers”.

In 2020 she launched “SwitchedON!” in response to the situation that parents found themselves in, who had to suddenly educate their children at home.  Her Facebook group, the Home Education Hub, has gone from strength to strength, supporting a global community with a huge range of resources, trainings and experts.  During the summer of 2020, Clare collaborated with children from around the world on another book, “Lollipops and Rainbows – Teaching Literacy with Soul”.

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