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Supporting Neurodiverse Families At Home & At School

FREE Mastermind: 31st March at 7:30 pm UK time

You will learn:

  1. five top tips for family wellbeing

  2. how to improve home-school communication

  3. how to engage your child as a learner

Who is this for?

Parents and Educators of neurodiverse children who want a fresh approach to parenting and education.

This is for you if...

  • You are parenting a neuro-diverse child.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
  • You are fearful of the future and want to do the best for your child.
  • You are feeling unsupported and don’t know where to turn.
  • You don’t feel like you are being taken seriously by the SENCO or Headteacher.

This is also for you if...

  • You are worried that your child is not engaging in learning.
  • You realise that the school cannot provide the support your child needs.
  • Your child is anxious, upset and angry when they get home.
  • Your child is refusing to go to school.
  • You want strategies to teach your child successfully at home.

Meet your trainers:


Clare Ford

Clare is an international best selling author, speaker, award winning coach and tutor and parent who is passionate about ensuring that children are “switched on” learners, accessing their natural gifts, abilities and talents to unlock their true potential and live purposefully. As a sought after academic coach and teen mentor, Clare combines her unique skill set and learning method to support families around the world. She facilitates the Home Education Hub, supporting a community of over 1.8K like-minded parents. Clare is going to share how you can help your child “switch on” for success, increasing their confidence, creativity and fulfilment.

parenting coach & MINDSET COACH

Gemma Hindley

Gemma is a parent of children with special educational needs, worked supporting children in schools for over 15 years, a certified Mindset and Mindfulness Coach and Qualified Yoga Teacher.

She now runs a Facebook group called SEND Parents Well-being and Powerful Advocacy Project, working with parents struggling to get the support their children need to access education.

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About SwitchedON!

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About Clare

Clare is an education expert with over 15 years’ teaching experience, runner up of the 2019 MPower Legacy Award, international best-selling author and Founder of SwitchedON!, a cutting-edge global education platform offering inspirational education and parenting solutions.

Clare has spoken on 2 radio shows, 4 international summits, the Teen Toolbox podcast and Brand Builders TV about redefining education beyond academic success with her unique methodology, to support kids, teens and parents.

After 12 years of ticking boxes and battling the system in mainstream education, she burned out, becoming seriously ill, depressed and hit rock bottom.  She had to find an alternative to do what she loves – teaching, in a way that makes an impactful positive difference and allows the potential of each and every one of the children and teen she teaches to shine.

In 2016 she launched her well-being business, online programme and wrote her first book, “How to Have a Positive and Empowering Pregnancy”.  Subsequently, Clare started the Mind, Baby Soul movement, running her first public event, “Loving Mothers”.

In 2020 she launched “SwitchedON!” in response to the situation that parents found themselves in, who had to suddenly educate their children at home.  Her Facebook group, the Home Education Hub, has gone from strength to strength, supporting a global community with a huge range of resources, trainings and experts.  During the summer of 2020, Clare collaborated with children from around the world on another book, “Lollipops and Rainbows – Teaching Literacy with Soul”.

Clare is passionate about giving families the opportunity to learn in a way that unlocks their passions and potential in her unique online learning academy, SwitchedON!.

You can contact Clare at